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There are years that start off smoothly: a subtle momentum that builds up slowly but surely. If you expect this kind of passage in the new decade, you might be in for a surprise. Instead, get ready for a big turn of events punctuated by amazements and important ah-ha moments that open the ball for 2020. The month of January will be the landscape of two of the greatest astronomical transits of the year: not only the eclipses but also the Pluto/Saturn conjunction. This is what I would call making a grand entrance!

The eclipse season, which will mainly unfold between December 26 and January 10, will season the holidays with the chaos and movement that characterizes this astrological phenomenon. Simply put, eclipses are major pivotal times that propel us towards change. The truths revealed during this period will adjust your internal GPS to a whole new direction. The information collected will allow us to make powerful decisions that will have a major impact on the rest of our year. We barely have time to catch our breath, when the eclipse hangover (trust me, you’ll feel its aftereffects) is jostled by Pluto and Saturn’s long-awaited meeting up in the heavens.

Pluto is the planet of deep transformation that uses its destructive force to impose a well-deserved cleanup in our lives. Believe me, its medicine is rarely comfortable, but oh-so-necessary! Saturn is the planet that acts as our very own personal trainer: it pushes us to cultivate a strong sense of boundaries and discipline. Together, they demand that we reinvent some of our foundations to make them more appropriate for the fulfillment of our goals, both personally and collectively. 2020 holds the vibration of the number 4, a number that precisely pushes us to create the stability that will help us reach the safety and comfort that we crave in some aspects of our lives.

What will be released at the beginning of the year will have the potential to create an extremely fertile ground for new foundations with a fresh interest for viability. If you allow me, I have only one tip to help you start the year off right: let the dust fall in January and wait until the 24th of the month before formalizing your New Year’s resolutions. Once you’ve written them down on paper, channel all your discipline, ambition and resources towards the achievement of your aspirations. The 2020 energy will conspire to help you reach new heights.