One of the things I never have enough of in my life is healthy dessert recipes. I love finding new ones that are tasty and simple to prepare.


The reason behind my love for this type of recipe? It’s simple: I believe that we already consume enough sugar daily that it is not necessary to add even more to our dessert recipes.


It sometimes surprises me so much to see the amount needed in recipes that I find online or in cooking books. So, today I am suggesting a recipe for a three-story parfait that is relatively healthy, which will impress your guests, and that can be eaten for lunch, as a snack, or after a meal as a dessert!


Need an extra reason to prepare it? It can be prepared very quickly and you can even prepare one of the steps the previous day, before going to sleep.


Ingredients for two ice cream parfaits:


A cup of vegetable milk

Three tablespoons of chia seeds

A tablespoon of vanilla essence



A roll of Touk-touk cubes

2 frozen bananas

Half a cup of vegetable milk


Vegan whipped cream with coconut. 



  1. The day before or at least two hours before: mix the chia pudding ingredients in a closed container and shake vigorously for about thirty seconds. Then let it rest in the refrigerator for thirty minutes and come back to shake once again vigorously for another thirty seconds. Leave it at least for an hour and a half or overnight in the refrigerator.


  1. When the pudding has set poor it in two bowls or Mason jars.


  1. To make the ice cream, add the remaining ingredients (except the whipped cream) in a blender and mix until a smooth texture is obtained. When this is done, add the ice cream over the pudding in the bowls or Mason jars. 


  1. Finish it off by adding vegan whipped cream to the top of your ice cream parfaits. 


  1. Enjoy immediately.





Tip: cut your bananas into small pieces before freezing. Do not forget that you must freeze your bananas without the peel. In addition, you can add a little vegetable milk to help it mix, but do not add too much as you will end up with a smoothie and not ice cream.


*If you want to try another healthy dessert, try this avocado-based chocolate mousse