Like many Quebecers, I will be moving the 1st of July (YAY I’ll be getting closer to the office!)


When comes the time to move, one must empty the fridge as much as possible to avoid wasting fresh food. Being a smoothie enthusiast, I tried to combine all the remaining fruits and liquids I had left to see the result. It was a miracle, it was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S and the texture was also something I enjoyed a lot!


Here are the remaining ingredients that I had left in my fridge:

– A whole peach (without the kernel of course)

– ½ cup of pineapple

– ½ cup of strawberries

– 10 cherries (or more, that’s all I had left hihi)

– 1 cup of red grapes (I admit that I put a lot more, because I’m crazy)

– 1 handful of dried cranberries

– ¾ cup of chia seeds

– 1 cup of vanilla soy milk


** I prefer to not mix my smoothies too much to keep the pulp of some ingredients, or, in this case, small pieces of grape skin and cranberries.


So there you go, I am returning to my boxes!


A good smoothie, and above all, a good move! And to congratulate yourself at the end of this day, try Claudia’s recipe ?


Credit : Anne-Sophie