It is with great joy that I present to you a new “discovery” segment for the Evive blog!


Despite everyone’s busy lives, taking the time to escape, to discover and
to learn is, in my opinion, more than important! The chosen destinations and the ways of
traveling are unique to everyone. I believe it is essential to respect one’s self and to
be good to ourselves during our trips!


This is the reason why I decided to present to you my last destination: TEL-AVIV! Israel and its
surroundings are full of natural wonders, open and generous people… and sun!

(Things that are missing a bit in Quebec these days).

A place where arts, the sea and good food come together! Located in the heart of Israel, Tel- Aviv, a small effervescent city, is an increasingly popular destination, but still unknown to Westerners!


I first ventured into the confines of Israel to participate in an intensive contemporary dance internship. Of course, I also took the opportunity to explore the culture of this fabulous place, filled with stories, experiences and emotions.


My adventure in Tel Aviv charmed me. The cultural environment of the city is in full swing, and the Israeli culture has been flourishing! I loved the Museum of Modern Art in Tel Aviv considering I had the chance to discover a variety of local visual artists. I also spent a lot of time in the Suzanne Dellal Art Center (the place where my internship was held). The Center, located somewhere between the sea and the orange groves, is full of shows and workshops for the dancers and all those who want to move their little bodies!
With its busy life and activities, it is the perfect city to stay in shape! Lounge on the beach after a good jog or a pleasant bike ride on the trail along the Mediterranean Sea. Or, take the opportunity to refocus in the various yoga studios, and why not enjoy a dance class that is open to all! I, myself, have experienced it and I would go back any day.


And I must say, my taste buds were constantly amazed at the culinary experiences that we’ve made them live! From the best hummus to homemade Shakshouka, to an abundance in pastries, nuts, dried fruit, vegan pizzas … There’s something for everyone! Quebec, to be franc, did not invent anything in the art of bulk products! I have traveled with pleasure the various public markets where we find absolutely everything. Smoothie and freshly squeezed juice lovers, you will definitely find something that suits you!


It makes you want to go back!